SELECT Kitchen and Bath Warranty Information

Important Stone Facts

Most granite used for countertops is polished to a high-gloss finish giving it a mirror-like appearance. On closer inspection however, many granites have certain natural characteristics such as “pitting”, “fissures” or “dull spots” that may at first cause some concern. It is important to understand the geological reasons for these characteristics to fully appreciate the beauty of stone. Fissures, or hairline cracks are natural result of the heating a cooling of stone millions of years ago. They will not grow or expand over time.

While the type and specific composition determines the amount of pits, fissures and dull spots, some granite exhibits these characteristics more than others, and they may also be more or less visible depending on the lighting conditions present in a room. Pits, fissures, and dull spots do not compromise the integrity of the stone in any way; they are natural characteristics of stone and will not impair the function or durability of the material. They are an expression of nature and add to the allure of the stone, which sets it apart from man-made surfaces. Various steps are taken during the finishing process to reduce the visibility of pits, but they cannot be totally avoided in all granite types. Pitting will not become worse with regular use or with the passage of time.

  • Can I cut on Granite?
  • No
  • Could place hot pots and pans on Granites?
  • Yes
  • Is there a warranty offered on the stone itself by SELECT Kitchen and Bath?
  • No. The warranty on the stone is carried by the wholesaler where the stone is supplied by.

What is covered under SELECT Kitchen and Bath’s warranty? 

  • SELECT Kitchen and Bath warrants its granite countertops installation for 12 months from the date of installation. This warranty is limited to sink installation and seams under normal use.
  • Any concerns regarding edges or caulking will be taken care of at the final inspection of the client before departure of SELECT Kitchen and Bath Crew.
  • SELECT Kitchen and Bath will recommend that couples be available at the time of countertops installation so they both are able to perform a final inspection of the product and installation thereof.
  • SELECT Kitchen and Bath recommends that all silicone  around the sink and  caulking around backsplashes (if applicable) be inspected and re-applied by the client every six months.